Concept of NE:VÝSTAVA

Experience a photographic exhibition completely differently than ever before. An original and unconventional form with interactive elements will change your view on classic exhibitions. This Exhibition consists of landscape, travel and architecture photography. There will be authors ready tu discuss their photographs throughout the weekend. An intense experience in a historic building with beautiful view on Prague – that is something that you should definitely not miss.

Exhibition section

  • Art of Nature

    In this section you will live the stories of many places Tomáš travelled through. Admire the beauty of nature from all around the world thanks to the audio-visual form this section provides. Sit yourself comfortably and enjoy many of world’s most beautiful places through the lens of an experienced photographer.

  • 360° of Architecture

    Architecture surrounds us every day. It can be seen from many different angles we do not really know about. Take a journey through this section and look around yourself carefully. You never know what point of view will show you an unconventional and interesting view on Ondra’s photographs.

  • Baltic Journey

    An adventure in a saddle of a mountain bike. A journey to the Baltic Sea and back which you will experience with the author himself. Lighthouse views, everyday struggles with finding a place to sleep and adherence to the drinking regime. 1000 km, 11 days, 1 strong experience.


The exhibition is provided by 3 young artists. They are students in the field of Multimedia in Economic Practice at University of Economics in Prague.
Tomáš Havel
Tomáš is voyager and photographer focused on landscape and a advertising photography. His passion for travelling and capturing pictures grew up in a full profession. His landscape pictures have captivated over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram and led him to work with big companies like Reebok, New Balance, Canon or O2 Czech Republic. His work appeared in many magazines and publications and he also contributed to several books.
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Ondřej Hromádko
Ondra is primarily a great perfectionist. This ability, coupled with the love of minimalism and abstract solutions, has led him to find himself in architectural and interior photography. He took part in Bilbao's Spanish architecture workshop as one of five winners of Canon Symmetry contest. He made online back-end for charity campaign, held in collaboration with the actors of czech movie Anděl Pane 2.
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Jan Volejníček
Honza discovered photography in pre-school age. His pictures were gradually formed on precisely aligned photo-frames. It started as an entertaining hobby, continued to an occasional brigade and nowadays it is his work that fills and entertains him. He describes his work as a capturing of situations that are not repeated again. He likes the genre of the reportage and document. He jumps to the portrait or product occasionally.

„O chytré ženské je nouze. Konečně o chytré mužské zrovna tak.“ Jan Werich